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On-site Training

b_150_100_16777215_00_images_slideshow_networking_cisco.jpgMore and more companies are realizing the value of bringing training on-site. This flexible and cost effective option allows you to train as many or as few employees, from your team or department to everyone in your organization. There are no travel expenses, and programs are delivered when and where you want them, at your offices, at our center locations, or at a location of your choice. Plus, you will save on productivity costs. Projects will not be put on hold and emails will not go unanswered just because someone is out of the office.

Cophild courses can be delivered "off-the-shelf," slightly modified or completely customized for your learning needs. On-Site Training is the ideal solution for training a group of employees or launching a company-wide training effort.

The main methods of one-the-job training include:

Demonstration / instruction - showing the trainee how to do the job

Coaching - a more intensive method of training that involves a close working relationship between an experienced employee and the trainee

Job rotation - where the trainee is given several jobs in succession, to gain experience of a wide range of activities (e.g. a graduate management trainee might spend periods in several different departments)

Projects - employees join a project team - which gives them exposure to other parts of the business and allow them to take part in new activities. Most successful project teams are "multi-disciplinary"

Benefits of onsite training

Quality: Hands-on, top-notch training from Cophild instructors. Receive the same course content that is taught in our public education classes.

Convenience: Familiar environment for your attendees. You choose the dates that are most convenient to hold training at your workplace. No time or expense lost to travel

Price: All instructor travel expenses and student training materials are included. The cost savings for a group of 14 students is substantial when compared to Public Education classes.

Individualized instruction: At the conclusion of training, the instructor will provide a lab session where students have the option to apply their new skills to create actual models for later use.

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